The Moonstruck Mediumship Experience - Lead by Matilda​

$20 ppd 

This is a combination of mediumship circles and public demonstrations.  The inspiration for the Mediumship Experience was the need for Mediums to practice their skills with people they don't necessarily know, and for the public to have the opportunity to experience a variety of Mediums working, within a small group, and for a great price.  Mediums get to practice spirit communication, the audience gets to hear from their loved ones in Spirit. 

There will be a group meditation, followed by Mediums delivering messages to the audience in round-robin fashion.  With a small audience the likelihood of a message is high, although we can not guarantee that everyone will receive a message in the time allotted.   We will kick this off with Platform Demonstrations, and may vary exercises over time.

Prior mediumship experience required to demonstrate.​  Public welcome for Audience members.

ONLINE Mediumship Practice Circle for all levels

​Lead by Matilda - Select Wednesdays 

$20 ppd 

​Have you always wanted to explore communicating with your loved ones in Heaven?  Learn to clear your mind, raise your vibration & open your senses to those in Spirit. 

Meditation followed by the opportunity to give and receive messages from loved ones in spirit.  Exercises may vary each circle.

November 14th

​November 28th

If you would like to host us for one of these events, please contact Matilda.

Build your own card deck workshop

$40 ppd

Express your creativity - create your own divinely inspirational card deck!   Your deck will completely unique to YOU!  Readings that you do using these cards will be unlike any other.

​We start with a meditation to open to divine inspiration.  Then sort through a variety of images to see what speaks to you.  Combine images to cover your cards.  Once your cards are built, you will journal what each card means to you.  We will then do some sample readings.

Card making supplies will be provided along with some magazines & printed images.   Please bring inspirational images from home and your creative side! 

90 Min Table Tipping​ Experience

​6 people maximum, $40 ppd

​Lead by Matilda

​Experience this unique form of communicating with Spirit.  Rather than being an observer, you get to directly participate in the communication process.  Your hands are places gently on a table which moves in reaction to the presence of Spirit.  Messages for those sitting at the table are tapped out letter by letter.  Sitters are encouraged to ask questions of the Spirit that wishes to communicate with them.  If you have not experienced this, you definitely need to give it a try.  You may hear from passed loved ones, and/or guides. 

Moonstruck Matilda's

Home Parties - Matilda's on the GO!

90 Min, $200, max of 5 people

​2 Hours, $400, max of 10 people

​Looking for a fun night in?  Have a Medium come to you & do a gallery reading for you and your friends!  Let one of our Mediums serve as an interpreter between you & your loved ones in spirit. 

​We do ask that you refrain from consuming any alcohol until the reading has finished.  This insures that we have a clearer connection & can relay as many messages as possible in the time allotted.