Moonstruck Matilda's

Darby Freeman ​ is a psychic medium who came from a long line of mediums. At a very young age she had a connection with spirit. Darby is a Liam Galvin school of mediumship graduate who continues to work hard at growing with her mediumship. In addition to Liam, she has studied with Lori Doupe Sheridan, Eammon Downey, Bev Mann and Lesley Irene Kane. Her mission is to give loving, evidential messages from your loved ones in spirit. Darby is also a reiki practitioner.

​Darby is available for Skype Readings. 

Matilda, aka Lorrie Mann Geary  is the founder & proprietress of Moonstruck Matilda's.  She is a medium who connects with your loved ones in Spirit and delivers heartfelt messages from the other side.  She firmly believes that your loved ones are but a thought away.  Lorrie has studied with a variety of Spiritual teachers including Liam Galvin, Lori Sheradin, Rita Berkowitz, Patricia Mellman, Eammon Downey, Bev Mann, Andrew Dee, Mavis Patilla & Maureen Hancock.

Mike Savoie is a psychic medium who gives intuitive messages from loved ones in spirit.  He has studied under Liam Galvin, and is a graduate of Women of Wisdom's School of Mediumship.  His focus is to prove the continuation of life and love after death by providing detailed evidence and delivering loving messages from spirit.

Karen Gillis is a Spiritual medium who passionately subscribes to the theory that death ends a life but not a relationship. Her gift is connecting the living with those who live in Spirit. Karen has been certified by and continues to study with Liam Galvin and the Reverend Rita S Berkowitz and was a featured medium for the Best of the Best Spirit Communication Demonstrations with Students of Rita Berkowitz platform previously held at Heaven on Earth. Karen embraces each opportunity that allows her to make heavenly connections.

The Moonstruck Matilda's Team

Myrna Westgate

​I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Marconics Healing practitioner.  I have been doing healing work since 1997.  I have learned my philosophy of life from a 10 year study of Buddhist teachings.  My mediumship and intuitive talents are grounded in authentic dialogue with the departed.  As a Spiritualist my focus is proving the continuity of life and that our loved ones in spirit are always with us and watching over us.  It is a calling that I pursue with reverence and gratitude.  I have studied with Tony Stockwell and Mavis Patilla both international English mediums.  I am a perpetual student and teacher.  I believe it is curiosity and generosity that opens our life and mind to Spirit.

Carol Duncanson has been a medium, empath, and healer her entire life.  She provides guidance and healing with love and compassion.  She connects with loved ones on the other side during a session and relays their messages of love and empowerment with ease and grace.  She may also use tarot cards for insight on your journey.